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At HCT, we provide integrated design and manufacturing services so that your vision can become reality. Whether your needs extend to prototyping, pilot production, or full production, HCT can help you to bring your ideas to market. Our facilities are equipped to handle projects from low volume, high complexity systems to high volume, full-scale final production and fulfillment. We are competitive, prompt, creative and cost efficient. Explore how HCT’s manufacturing services can help you reduce your cost,deliver quality products, and meet your production requirements.

Our Service

  • ●     Sourcing and procurement
  • ●     Automated surface mount (SMT) or Thru-hole printed circuit board                    assemblies
  • ●     Chip programming and verification
  • ●     Low to high volume assembly
  • ●     Sub-assemblies
  • ●     Lead-free assembly
  • ●     Complete electrical and functional testing
  • ●     Final assembly and packaging
  • ●     Warranty and repair service