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Electronic Design

HCT offers comprehensive services in electronic design and development from circuit design to production. Our selection of customized engineering services helps you to bring your innovation to market quickly and with your costs controlled. Why choose our design team? We work with you on your product's features and specifications to ensure that the outcome is precisely suited to your requirements. We evaluate technology choices to make your product stand out against the competition. We keep you informed about progress and seek your input throughout the design phase.

Our service

  • ●    PCB circuit design, layout and schematics
  • ●    Embedded software:device drivers, protocols, APIs
  • ●    Software coding
  • ●    Advanced CPU based design for operating system integration
  • ●    DSP and microcontroller embedded design
  • ●    Advanced FPGA based design (VHDL)
  • ●    Prototyping
  • ●    Complete product qualification
  • ●    Design for manufacturability, testability and service (DFM , DFT , DFS)
  • ●    Re-design for cost down and EOL component

Our expertise

  • ●     Power management circuits and battery operated product design
  • ●     Audio,Wireless and Bluetooth technologies
  • ●     Custom touch screen design and integration
  • ●     Deep knowledge of battery technologies, protection and charging                      circuits, including custom battery pack design
  • ●     High speed and analog circuit design
  • ●     Design for EMI/ESD constraints
  • ●     Certification expertise(FCC , UL , CPSIA , IEC , UL , etc.)